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  • Membership guide of
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    US$120/ Year
    Send Inquiry Free to Contact any companies and traders at 100 Inquiries
    Post, Upload Offers, eCatalogs Post, Upload Offers, eCatalogs anytime without limitation 10 Offers
    5 eCatalogs only
    Promoting & Advertising of Company & Products Efficient Promoting System through Letters, Directory Listings, etc. Sorry!
    Service Not Available
    Extended Priority Services through Future New Acquired Services Priority in Use of Future New Services Sorry!
    Service Not Available
    Directory Prime Listing 1 year Maintenance at Main Category Sorry!
    Service Not Available
    Offer Prime Listing 1 year Maintenance at Main Category Sorry!
    Service Not Available

    In order to be Premium member, visitors need to be Free Member first.
    If you are still non-member, please join us here.

    How to get Premium membership?

      Step 1 : Join as General Member(Free)
      Step 2 : Pay Premium membership fee
       - Credit card Payment : As soon as you make payment, you can access to Premium member area
       - T/T remittance to the account stated below

  • Bank Name:
        United Commercial Bank
        15333 Culver Drive, #670
         Irvine, CA 92604, USA
         Irvine Branch#066
  • ABA#: 321070450
  • Account Name: Veccom International, Inc.
  • If you make T/T payment, please send your e-mail to with your remittance receipt. We will immediately upgrade your membership to Premium as soon as we receive your remittance receipt or our bank confirm your payment.
  • "Every day thousands of Internet buyers visit to find best products, services. Make sure they can find you! Sign up for Premium membership and join for more grateful services as follows."
    Easy Offer Manager with no limitation
    Once you posted your offers, you can manage(edit, repost, delete) your offers with easist way. The amended/reposted offers will be automatically updated placing at the corner of New offers.
    No Limited eCatalog Manager
    Our Premium members have no limitation on eCatalog Adding, while general members limited to 5(five) eCatalog only. Also, you can easily manage(edit, repost, delete) your eCatalog with just one finger click.
    Priority Listing
    As soon as you list your offers and/or products in Trade Lead directory or eCatalog directory, those offers and products will be displayed on the top page of each section from your posting. This will be very helpful fo better offers/products' advertisement.
    Additional Exposure
    Premium eCatalogs will be automatically displayed on the section of 'Recommended eCatalogs' in main page.
    All the above services, only U$120 for 12(twelve) months
    Do not miss this opportunity that can develop your business to the allmostly effective way

    We are always doing our best to provide much upgarded services to our valuable Premium members.

    Any other question on Premium membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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